Profound changes in our society have altered the relationship between man and its territory. In the last decades, the interest has especially concentrated in the urban areas of our society.

The rural parts of Ticino, a land rich in history and importance, often were abandoned since the peasants could no longer make an economical living off the land in these mountains.

However, today we are rediscovering that nature, landscape, and history are important resources. Our challenge is to achive a project that can make the high hills of Monte Carasso valuable again.

This project will scrupulously respect the historical, natural, and scenic values of the land, but with an eye to the future, not the past.

Fondazione Curzútt - San Barnárd

CP 42 -  6513 Monte Carasso

CH64 8034 4000 0013 4203 1


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InfoPoint Monte Carasso

Departure station of the cable car

I Fracc 1

CH - 6513 Monte Carasso


tel. +41 91 835 57 24

fax +41 91 825 82 08

E-mail: info@curzutt.ch



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Tuesday and Friday: 09.00-11.00

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